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12-13-2004, 05:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Psycho Joe
If games are tied going into the third, teams will play extremely conservatively in the 3rd and OT not wanting to risk a loss knowing they have a point in the bank and will take their chances in the shootout to get the bonus point. Therefore we will have extremely boring hockey in the 3rd and OT. Destroying 25 minutes of good hockey in order to have an excitement of a shootout isn't a worthy tradeoff IMO.
I completely agree with this. Imagine a bad team with a good goaltender. They will simply tighten up their defense the entire game, and only attack when the other team makes a mistake. If they can't score, they'll be saved because they have a better goalie at their end.

I can just imagine fans being so upset that they missed the playoffs because of a shootout. It's unnatural and contrived. However, I guess in America, people love a winner (and thus the reason why NBA and MLB games can't end in a tie, and the NFL rarely ends in ties), and the NHL is forced to cater to that.

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