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12-13-2004, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by PecaFan

It'll last one year. Once they see even more boring trapfests where the guilty parties actually steal a "win" in the shootout instead of a tie, once all the fans of the home team go home pissed off because they "lost" in a shootout (shootouts are only exciting when the *home team* wins), once they see some team stole a playoff spot from another because of a few extra points in shootouts, they'll come to their senses.

I point out yet again - when does a game become a "tie"?

The last second of the game. Up until that point, it was just another great close game, that somebody could win at any second. 2.5 hours of great entertainment is invalidated because of a tie?
Van-Cal Game 7, Calgary leading and Cooke ties it up with a few seconds to go in regulation. That was edge of the seat stuff the entire time, Van fans begging for a miracle Calgary fans begging to hold for just a few second more. If Calgary holds on its an exciting game and if Van scores its a boring game. That makes me scratch my head. How anyone could call that boring is beyond me.

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