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12-13-2004, 05:44 PM
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[QUOTE=Komisarek8]People who argue about the fact that the NBA AND MLB doesn't do Dunk contest or Home Run Derby's don't know the sports quite well....It's easy to score in OVERTIME AND win the game ESPECIALLY IN THE NBA!!!!'s not as hard to score as it is in hockey where defensive games can go on forever if it wouldn't be stopped after the 5 min overtime...Tie Games are very like "you know wtv" ...I want to jump up and down when Mike Ribeiro shakes the pants off the goaltender or when Jose Theodore puts his leg up in the last second to get us another point.

It displays the best 5 "offensive" players vs your goaltender(usually the best)
and all teams, or almost all teams have 5 capable players to score goals. It also is a time when a player can display their skills "under pressure" and it's also good for the players because if they do good on the shootouts then it's something else to add when you are arguing for a raise..
Defense is a skill. Why don't defenseman get a chance to display their defensive skill? Or checking forwards getting a chance to dispaly their checking skills in a shootout?


Knockout competitions not regular seasons. The closest thing to a knockout would be the playoffs. Soccer logic would dictate that the playoffs should be decided by a shootout and not a 2nd overtime, while regular season games shouldn't have a shootout at all.

Soccer or otherwise known as football is the most watched sports in the world, call it weak, stupid sport, call it wtv you want but it's a fact that it's the most popular sport around the planet and people watch even if they're team isn't playing...
And most popular soccer comps don't have shootout in the regular season. Clearly there must be a good reason for this, since its such a popular sport and all.

and yes they do have shootouts even in the BIG EVENTS like the WORLD CUP... and Soccer is also like a hockey , if not even more of a team sport.....
If that is the best argument then shootouts should be reserved solely for playoffs. Do you support shootout in the playoffs because that is what you have asked for. If shootout are good enough for the regular season they must be good enough for the playoffs.

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