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12-13-2004, 05:49 PM
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After all that I forgot to address the points by Burke and Brooks...

Burke is implying through the statements quoted by Brooks that we'd basically be back where we are two years from now. While not impossible, I would think that would be unlikely...while the players union were perhaps a little optimisitic in saying the Rangers for instance could fill their remaining 6 starting roster spots and additional support players with the 14 million that they would now have as a result of concessions, it would still seem unlikely that they would return to a 90 million dollar payroll which after taxes would be at somewhere around 113 million...not a huge deterrent, but one nonetheless. At the very least it'd give the league another 23 million to market the game

On Larry's analogy with players today...he misses the point, what those individual players give today the players tomorrow will get. If a cap was put in place, those players tomorrow would get less too...

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