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12-13-2004, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by ceber
Ahhh.. you haven't spent enough time with a Lemaire team. Tiebreaker goes to playing it safe, so you can't reverse the logic to reverse the outcome.
But how will he know until he tries! Give offense a go Lemaire, do it for the kids. Mind you, I won quite a sum of money for betting on a Minnesota-LA game to end in a tie last year, so perhaps I should quit complaining.

Still, 40 games into the shootout-season, if Minnesota's shootout record is 1-12 thanks to scoring issues, I'd like to think Lemaire might change his OT philosophy a bit. And Minnesota is a team I think would be at a disadvantage in a shootout situation (who really knows at this point, but I'm guessing anyway). If they 'know' they're going to lose that point in the shootout, Lemaire would have to start thinking about telling the guys to take a few chances in OT.

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