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11-21-2009, 11:42 PM
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Late chiming in again. Out watching the game over some brews with the lads. One of their girlfriends (who's not a big fan of hockey anway) made an interesting observation tonight. Half-way through the 2nd period she asks: "How come the other team can pass and your team can't?" Why, indeed. My 2 cents I guess:

Laraque. Get rid of him. Single-handedly tossed away the momentum early on, and did nothing for the rest of the game. Seriously. Thanks for comin' out. Bye now. Oh, and while that wasn't really a knee-to-knee that he put on Kronwall, that was a really dangerous leg trip, and he should have known better after obviously taking a high-sticking penalty earlier in the same shift.

Lapierre. I've never been a big fan at the best of times, but he has been next to invisible except when he is chipping pucks into the stands despite no forechecking pressure. Be afraid of keeping your spot son. Latendresse was on average poorer than Lapierre out there, but at least just looked useless instead of bad.

Price. Aside from the one goal which he'd like to have back, and applying Pam no-stick grease to his pads before the shootout, was AGAIN the reason why there was even a game to play for in the 3rd. Guy has been money this past week. A little slow reacting to the puck when it changes sides behind the net (missed shots, cycling, etc), but really fighting to track the puck through bodies now, which was one of my beefs up to this point in his career.

White. Love the guy. Forget about the actual hit statistic, he's hitting smart and hard. Playing simple and solid positional hockey. It'd be gravy if he gets comfortable enough to start making a few things happen offensively, but for now he is doing a bang up job of making sure nothing's happening defensively. Pyatt is also impressing me. Moen isn't "impressing" me, but he is providing the exact kind of play that I expected from him from the start: solid.

O'Byrne has been playing solid hockey and looks like he has very little rust out there. Soooo happy to see a good live body come back. Oh yeah, GTFO already Bergeron. Spacek and Hammer were throwing the puck around a little sloppily all game I thought. Getting the puck from behind our goal line was giving me palpitations. Gorges was pretty solid. All in all, unspectacular, a little disorganized, but not over-porous defense from the squad.

A.Kost and Patches are coming out of hibernation. I've been saying all along that Max doesn't need to go down. He's still not "clicking", but he's "getting it". Taking a few extra risks offensively and holding the puck longer. I like it. By the end of this year I promise, he'll be proving the nay-sayers wrong on a more consistent basis.

Pleks and Cammy. What else can I say? Those two can be relied on to get things going and make things happen with one stride or one swing of the stick, no matter which way the game's momentum seems to be swinging. Really lovin' those two guys this year.

edit: Oh yeah, Chipchura played tonight - forgot. Guess that says it all right there...

That's about it. Time to catch up a little more on my HF, have a smoke, and recharge a bit for a football get-together tomorrow.

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