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Originally Posted by bruins4777
Its become apparent that the butterfly is the dominant style in the NHL and i was wondering what you guys thought about this?

Do you think butterfly works better in today's NHL. I personally don't like the butterfly much. Granted luongo is my favorite goalie and raycroft is a huge fav of mine, but i never try to follow their game, its just not me. I think for a goalie, its more instinct for what style you want to go with. Early on i started with a crazy flopping style, but i've retreated to a sean burke/brodeur-esque standup style. I tried really hard to follow luongo and raycroft, i've seen these guys more times than i can count, but i just could never get it to flow. I realize the butterfly takes discipline, and i can seem to maintain a focused techinical standup, but the butterfly just doesn't work...

I was wondering what you guys thought on the better style. Butterfly or standup?

Personally i think the standup is the way to go. Granted the goalie, won't cover the bottom of the net all that well, but goalies with quick feet can make up for this. Look at brodeur and burke in his prime, or even vokoun and esche now. Maybe its cause i'm ultra short for a goalie, but i think its more efficient and better for a goalie's overall game.

I realize the butterfly takes away the whole bottom, and most people tend to shoot low, but i think that the butterfly is one that holds many flaws, such as preventing players from pokechecking which to me leads to a lot more chances around the crease.

Personally i'd like to see more richter, vokouns, brodeurs, and throwback belfours.
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