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12-13-2004, 07:20 PM
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i don't quite get the idea of revenue sharing coming from the playoff teams revenue...why?? i'd have to assume that means that the teams who make the playoffs, don't make as much money from it as they would normally. what about a team like san jose who just barely broke even because they went to the western conference finals? under bettmans plan, they LOSE money that season, even with a cap cuz they already had a low payroll, because of this revenue sharing idea.

a lot of teams with low payrolls hope to make the playoffs just so they can break even or hope to make a profit...if their revenues are being taken away then, it puts them (and the league) in worse shape...does it make sense for a team like the rangers (for instance) to not be a good team and miss the playoffs...but still make a ton of money because of their fanbase and market...but then a good team like san jose makes the playoffs but loses money because they made the playoffs?

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