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12-13-2004, 07:27 PM
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and so, the overtime is better now? I don't like the 1 pt for OT loss, 4v4 Ot. I'm glad that its changing. Think about it, in international competitions, shootouts are used in the elimination portion, at least here its only the regular season. And we all know that it won't change anything as far as standings are concerned.

Personally, I say do away with the whole overtime concept. Game ends after 60 minutes, win is 3 points, tie is 1 point, that's it, that's all. Simple.

And for all of those who are comparing this to a "dunk contest" in the NBA or a "home-run" derby in MLB, you have got to be kidding. Its not at all the same because scoring in the respective leagues is completely different. In basketball, there's a basket scored every 25 seconds, in the NFL, all you need is a kick out from 40 yards to win, and MLB, well, its not like those players ever sweat anyways. The NHL is much lower scoring, and OT is boring, this is a way of livening it up and I don't believe it takes away from the integrity of the game.

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