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11-22-2009, 06:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
hey man, I've been taking so much heat around here for being "negative" and a "hater", I was just trying out the "optimist" hat...

I completely agree with you.

Reality is that Pleks, on the open market, will get ~5M$, and there really isn't much reason for him to be motivated to give the organization a "discount" to stay here. Not too mention that, if Gainey sticks to his m.o, negotiations won't start till the summer, and by then Pleks would be crazy not to wait.

Price should be locked up long-term (either him or halak, but Price clearly has the higher end potential), but again, you're probably right... gainey's m.o would be to lowball him as much as possible and come to terms on a short term deal that takes him to UFA.

sigh... I hope Gainey surprises us both!
I think Tomas would take 4-4.5M from the Habs if it were offered for a 4 year deal in January. He likes it here and feels appreciated, but he is honest with himself enough to know he has occasionally played below his best and that he isn't a $6M kind of guy...yet.

I think the ideal term to sign Carey Price for is 3 years. This is NOT the kind of kid you give a 12 year contract to. He hasn't shown enough maturity and steady professionalism yet for the team to be sure that he would continue to work his butt off with something like $60M coming in.

Three years means that the term would end ONE YEAR before he goes UFA. He could be extended anytime that final year and would not have to wait until January, if the Habs liked what they saw up to then and wanted to lock him up longer, but at worst, if the next contract is only negotiated after this one ends, it would still be with one year of RFA status left, meaning less of a gun to Gainey's head.

If it were me, TODAY, I would try to sign Carey for 3 years for $10M, maybe a BIT more on the $$. If Carey isn't interested in that kind of medium-term security, then it would have to be a one or two year deal with even less $$ per year.

Something like
One year $2.5M
2nd year $3.5M
3rd year $4.0M

Carey chooses the term.

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