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11-22-2009, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post

Max Lapierre, unable to convince his boss that he is worth playing a full SINGLE shift (say 12 minutes per game), comes HERE to convince online posters that the Habs should/will play 7 defencemen (MAB not even being one of them!!!) in order that the Centremen get double shifts and of course Max is one of those centremen.

Notice also that he has a negative word to say about virtually all the other players on his team actually competing for icetime with him.

Nice, but I don't think his boss is listening here.
Every other lineup in this thread had Lapierre on it. Maybe you should take off your hater-goggles and re-read my GOD DAMNED POST. Christ almighty.

Lapierre doesn't deserve to be double shifted, I was just offering MY OPINION of the most effective option around our fringe-player situation. Why in God's name would you want MAB to be one of the extra players? Over whom -or could it be over the players I called out, Patches/D'Ago/Lats/Stewart-?

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