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11-22-2009, 02:41 PM
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Originally Posted by MaxLapierre View Post
Every other lineup in this thread had Lapierre on it. Maybe you should take off your hater-goggles and re-read my GOD DAMNED POST. Christ almighty.

Lapierre doesn't deserve to be double shifted, I was just offering MY OPINION of the most effective option around our fringe-player situation. Why in God's name would you want MAB to be one of the extra players? Over whom -or could it be over the players I called out, Patches/D'Ago/Lats/Stewart-?

The facepalm goes to the poster who thinks that Max Lapierre deserves some double shifts.

I have no problem with him being in the lineup for as many minutes as he deserves (right now that's less than 10) but DOUBLE shifts?

Why did I mention MAB? Because playing 7 defencemen might be the only way to get MAB's PP contribution without his defensive lapses behind the blueline. IOW, play him like Streit was played, up front. He has better wheels than Streit and a great shot. He could chip in occasionally on a fourth line, and make his main contribution on the PP.

OTOH, if I saw Spacek or Mara able to play the trigger role better than they have to date, maybe we won't need MAB. For now, I think we still do, at least until Subban or Weber or Carle prove they can help carry a PP in the NHL.

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