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Originally Posted by PredsChik20 View Post

Belak was played because Boll was in the line-up. He's fought Tootoo before and IIRC, kicked his ass. Hitchcock played Boll so we needed a heavy weight in the line up. Had they fought, great... spear to the family jewels was not so great (especially for him I'd imagine).

Boll really isn't a true Heavy though. So it would seem to be kind of silly to dress Belak just for Boll. Maybe Trotz was expecting a more nastier game I don't know. But I agree with much rather having Thurressen in over Belak.

There is no excuse for what Belak did. I could tell he was really agitated after he got elbowed in the head by Tyutin but he just went over the edge period.

That actually happened to me a few years ago in a beer league game and that is the only time in my adult hockey playing life I ever completely lost it. Me and a guy were battling hard for the puck on the boards. No ill intent made on my part. After I take the puck and feed it cross ice to my winger the player I was battling with sticks his stick between my legs and reverse tomahawk chops my two boys. After hitting the deck and writhing in pain for a few seconds I get up and realize the lazy ass ref ( Stupid beer league refs just want to get the game over ASAP) didn't even call a penalty. That made me even more agitated and I did a beeline for the player that chopped my boys and gave him the hardest crosscheck from behind possible and few shots after that. The ref of course calls a penalty and I proceed to cuss him and the player I hit.

End result is getting kicked out of the game and suspended for the next game. However I wouldn't take back what I did. I am probably the most calm person on the ice most nights but you just don't do **** like that. Complete lack of respect for your opponent with that move.

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