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12-13-2004, 11:24 PM
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Future Blue Rankings...

I was just wondering if anyone out there noticed the rankings on the board behind Glen when he was talking about the team...and what forks they should use

I have the program recorded on my Tivo so I figured I'd give it a pause and try and copy what was on the board...some of it was blurry but here it goes:


Immomen ? ??
Olver ? ??
Grahame ? ??
Dubinsky ? ??
Ryan ? ??
Petruzalek ? ??
Dornic ? ??
???? Damned if I know but it almost looked like Dube to me ? ??

Baranka L 85?
Paiement L 84?
Furrer L 8?
Laatikainen L 80?
Kallarsson L 79?
Duben L 81?
??? no clue who this was

Guenin R 82?
Potter R 84?
Reese R 84?
Richter R 77?
Gorokhov R 77?

Montoya ? ??
Lundqvist ? ??
Holt ? ??
Asplund ? ??

Above Glen's head was another list - I'm assuming AHL and ECHL...

Falardeau L 80?
Cuthbert R 80?

Rawlyk L 83?

All the names and rankings were on what appeared to be little rectangular magnets and judging by the way that they arranged, I would say they threw them up there and rearranged them in the order they thought was best - regardless of the number since it appears as if some guys have a higher number but are ranked lower.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone else caught it.

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