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12-14-2004, 12:10 AM
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Originally Posted by bruins4777
Bleh i GUESS brodeur and burke play the hybrid, but if your going to talk about PURE standup then of course captain kirk is your man, but i guess in the past 7 years the standard for standup has been could say vokoun is standup also, but vokoun, brodeur, burke, and esche ALL lean towards standup as a first reflex. Esche the least of the 4, but they are more standup. If your going to talk pure standup...i agree, but i dunno. The kind of style brodeur and burke play is what i'm really talking about.

Rarely do those guys drop on both their knees. I know i make it a promise to myself to only drop down on one knee at a time. I dunno...just me...

"Styles are as unique as the guys who don the pads and what works for one, may not work for another"

I agree. Like i said, i guess its "instinct". I modeled myself after burke in phoenix from about 2001-2003...I melded that with the way razor uses paddledown for wraparounds, brodeur uses paddledown for the crease, and my stance after richter and vokoun...
Umm I don't know what you are watching but none of them "rarely" drop to their knees, and stand up is not their first "choice". If you watch when they stand up or go down it is all based on where the puck is going, if it is down low they ALL go into the butterfly, since it only makes sense if it is above their waste high then they will stand up (which is where they differ from true butterfly goalies).

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