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11-23-2009, 02:05 AM
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That picture of Steve Mason....he looks like a chubby Jerred Smithson.

From now on, no more game day naps or anything for Legwand, just high-stress afternoons, get to the arena 40 minutes before faceoff! Congrats to the new Dad! Awesome SH goal and he went back to his original shootout move that used to always work.

I didn't think a few guys had very good games at all. But other guys stepped up when needed. Pekka made some Fantastic saves.

Love a win over Cbj. Their players just thought they would come in here and we would lay down for them. It's obvious they hate playing here, all they are interested in is trying to prove they are a big strong physical team. Meanwhile they end up taking stupid penalties and it backfires on them when the Preds don't retaliate and score the PPGs. They would get a few rushes and some good chances but then Nashville would take back control, usually forcing CBJ to take another penalty.

There is no way that goal was a good goal. The former head of the officials, Stephen Walkom, was the one that waived off the goal. And yet, the other officials and Toronto said it was a good goal. They got a free point because of that call.

When they showed the Belak penalty, the arena ooh-ed, all the guys leaned forward, squeezed their knees and groaned...then everyone just started laughing. If it happened to Tootoo we would be upset, but CBJ fans would be laughing and cheering, too. It goes both ways, so let's not talk about someone being "classy" .

Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
Anyone complaining about the officiating is delusional. In a perfect world, we'd all play nice and if one got a penalty, there'd be a penalty to the other to even it out...but the calls were legit. How do you complain about a blatant trip, or a puck over the glass? They were taking penalties because we were dominating possession in the offensive zone. To complain about that is ignorant, and just because your PBP team does it doesn't justify it. In fact, it just makes them look the silliest of all.

My hatred of the Jackets is starting to rival that of the Wings. They've always been the bratty little brother, but after making the playoffs once, there's some sort of sense of entitlement or something. If you want to whine about officiating, whine about Nash's blatant dive. Call a spade a spade.
I know I hate the Jackets probably more than the Wings. The Wings fans really toned down their attitude when the Preds had those really good years and still have been halfway decent. But Cbj fans are arrogant jerks for no reason.

We're one of the least penalized teams in the league, so right there should tell them they wouldn't be getting a lot of power plays.

Flying elbows, two handed slashes, sticks parallel and in the guy's stomach, shooting the puck over the glass. Preds didn't retaliate either (aside from Belak) so the only things getting called was Cbj players trying to start crap or taking blatent penalties.

While Klein did hit Nash's skates, barely, Nash threw his arms out to the sides and fell backwards like he was doing a reverse bellyflop to the ice.

Originally Posted by Webersmashpuck View Post
Personally I have no problem with what Belak did as long as there were some precursors, previous cheap shot and the team isnt willing to fight, which I believe happened. And as long as there is at least a several goal lead or deficit. Had Columbus not scored on the PP we likely would be talking about how dirty Klesla? was with the flying elbow/crosscheck instead of Belak.
When Belak speared Boll it was after being hit for the second time in the game with a flying elbow/forearm to the head. He was rightfully pissed about the blows to the head.

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