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11-23-2009, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Jörgen Jönsson have retired since 2006'. He centered both Henka Sedin and Henrik Zetterberg in Turin.

Sami Påhlson have become 4 years older, and a lot slower. You do not put like Påhlson at center with Forsberg and Alfredsson these days and expects him to take care of everything spelled not circling down low. He is not what he used to be.

4 years ago, BÅG did not use Forsberg as a center.

How have we in Sweden played when we have been successful in the past? Yes, by giving our stars a perfect environment to focus on what they do best. By surronding them with players like Jörgen Jönsson.

We have players like Bäckström and Forsberg who are awesome with the puck in the attacking zone, but who also are on the slow side when it comes to getting the puck up ice. If you have seen Bäckström without AO in Washington this season you would know what I am talking about. Alfredsson is still (surprisingly) great, but he is also on the old side...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when I look at the team we have as a whole, I feel that we need more at center-ice. I don't belive in going into the tournament with Z, Sedin, Forsberg/Bäckström and Påhlsson at center. Especially when looking at our blue line. We do not have Kenny Jönsson anymore. Lidström is older. Who will be the 3rd offensiveminded D? Enström?

I also beliefs that Davidsson could thrive in the Olympics. He have all the tools to play decent. And more wouldn't be expected from him.
I also believe Davidsson would be a nice piece for sweden in the olympics this time around; but he would've been useful last time around as well.

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