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11-23-2009, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
well true.

he hasnt shown even a glimmer of the offense he brought last year for the yotes.

i honestly believe hes been transformed by torts into something he never was, a 2 way player who hits and finishes checks, plays the wall dowm low, and backchecks effectively. hes thinking stuff other than offense and it appears he cant get that offensive confidence back. hes reacting and thats slowing down his timing resulting in blocked/deflected shots when he does get good scoring chances. hes rarely in good spots anymore like he was in preseason when he was always near the puck and near the net with the puck. hes lost all that.

now to be fair, he has some very good shifts where hes noticeable and where he creates not with his offense per say, but with his solid board work and puck possesion skills. and hes made some nifty passes recently, the good one from the wall last game to higgins comes to mind.

he, like pretty much everyone else so far, just has no finish.
If thats true, and I dont necessarily think it is, then its just another black eye on Torts' handling of his personnel.

This team needs offense. Torts and the staff made it a priority that Lisin at least is somewhat capable on the defensive side of the puck. Your assertation that hes changed (or is trying to change) Lisin into a two way player is really just a crutch more than anything. You have a lot invested in Lisin with the way you pumped him up, so thats understandable, I guess.

But the truth is, while I think hes been OK defensively, hes seems to have lost any sort of offensive creativity as a result....the very thing that could have made him an asset in the first place. The other guys you bring up...Callahan, Higgins, and even Avery, are far more responsible on the defensive end than Lisin could ever dream to be. Those guys need to be scoring too, but when Lisin isnt, its even more of a problem.

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