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11-23-2009, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Jean-Guy Drouin View Post
I hope he wont be suspended. And I think the NHL will not have the balls to suspend him anyway.
hold on to your seats ladies, this will not be pretty.

I am in complete aggreement with JGD on this one. I think , just like kostopoulos on MVR last year ... that dangerous hits, somewhat cheap shots are part of the game because of the league's failure to adress them. because of that , tom kostopoulos getting 3 games, and george laraque getting suspended for hits like that is fine by me, and what's worst is that this kind of hit falls in his/their ''role'' .

3-5-7 games for taking out kronwall for 8 weeks? worth it. On burke's mind, holmgren's , steve downie's , Artyukin's, ... the list goes on.

on any given day, 90% of this fanbase want george laraque to lose it ... when something happens, much like rats under the daylight, they are nowhere to be found.

I stand here and tell you george laraque made a dirty play ... I would have prefered Orr or hartnell ... but seeing him lose it on that presence made me smile. We take it on ourselves to be honest , the league and most of the ppl in it aren't ... and until they do something to prevent/limit the presence of goons , I'd rather have george laraque on my team, than him on the other team taking out markov ... same goes for frontloaded contracts... or any other tactics other GM sucessfuly use to make their way arround the cap...

the ugly truth.

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