Thread: Andrew Gross: Dubinsky had his cast removed
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11-23-2009, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
Exelby never really had a step or two. He played on a really bad defense in Atlanta and that's pretty much why he was somewhat "good"; it was just in comparison to the rest of them.

I really don't think he'd help the Rangers D at all...we'd just get to watch him get beat over and over again and on top of that he'd probably take penalties for playing aggressively.

Stempniak isn't an upgrade over Dubinsky offensively, in my opinion. After a good first two years in St. Louis, he's struggled to recapture that touch. I'm not a fan of making a trade for a player that you hope will "find their game again" after you trade for them.

Right now, this team lacks players who can make plays with the puck. Dubinsky can do that at least part of the makes much more sense to me to keep him and keep working with him and try to get more out of him. He and like 2 other players on the entire team can actually control the puck in the offensive zone

edit: To be honest about the "physical defenseman" the NHL today, those defensemen also need to be good at something else. They need to be able to skate decently and be a shutdown defenseman as well, or contribute some offensively, or something. Because you'll take a lot of penalties being a physical defenseman these days and it's not worth all the penalty killing if crosschecking a guy in front of the net is the only thing a player can do.

That statement basically holds true though for every single position in the game today. And yes, maybe there is some limitations on how they can still be effective as a physical defender. me there is definately still a place in the game for these guys. Even in todays NHL. No matter how you slice it up...The Rangers are, and have been soft on the defense for quite sometime. And during the regular season they may be able to get by, but come playoff time these types are worth thier weight in gold. The Bieska's, the Phaneuf's, the Regehr's, Hannans, Komisarek's, Prongers, Chara's, Murray's, Beauchemins, Volchenkov's etc. This club doesn't have that element. They fail to keep addressing it, while admitting they could use this type of a player.

On Exelby...He may have played himself out of the lineup in Toronto. And maybe that is due to him losing a step. I am not sure as I haven't seen him play there yet. But, when he was on Atl, I can remember him driving the Rangers into a frenzy by clobbering Prucha. Or his wars with Hollweg. The guy made some noise, and was effective every time we played them...So, even if he wasn't the best staker...or didn't have the best outlet. He was very much so in those games by using his best attributes, which was flat out physical play.

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