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11-23-2009, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen View Post
true, but ozo brought what a true offensive d-man brings to the o end. he was an amazing skater who created offense, as with the case with most guys true to this role he created it both ways but id take ozo over babs any day because at least he played his true role well. if i had to have a pp specialist - better ozo than babs. babs is bad in his own end, and isnt good in the offensive side other than the shot.
That's a good summary and anyone simply going by the +/- is missing some important points. Ozolinsh wasn't exactly a stalwart in his own end, though he was far better than Babchuk, but his real downfall was that he roamed all the time, at any time. Many of the GA's were due to odd-man rushes that he helped create the other way in his neverending search for offense vs. someone who just seemed lost in his own zone. He was Pitkanen with no conscience when it came to roving.

The knee-jerk response that he was a terrible D-man around here often loses sight of the fact that much of the criticism should be placed on his gambling style as opposed to major defensive deficiencies. When reined in, like Babcock did in Anaheim, he could be fairly effective defensively in his own end.

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