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11-23-2009, 03:55 PM
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Lacking an easy way to curb stench -- and its travels from locker room to car to home, and back -- many players and their families have held their noses and accepted the problem, armed only with self-deprecating jokes to mask awful odours.

But when two hockey dads got stuck in an SUV waiting for a Vancouver-area ferry with six young puck-shooting girls and their six foul-smelling hockey bags, they decided to mount a defence.

Instead of keeling over from spending nearly two hours waiting for the vessel that would take their daughters to their minor league hockey game, Howlett and Bill McDougall spent the next two years battling reek.

The result was Hockey Sudz.

Never used this btw, just saw this story (yet to read it in fact) and remembered this thread. Looks like it's a local Vancouver product though for now.

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