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09-21-2003, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Bicycle Repairman
I'm not the least bit huffy. And yes, I do concur that preseason is a time for experimentation. However, no one remotely associated with the pinnacle of competiveness (namely the professional NHL) is worthy of their stature if they decide to lose a game purposely. That's a mockery of the level they've obtained. They compete over hotel breakfast waffles for chissakes. If they don't go all out even for something as meaningless as an exhibition game, then they don't deserve to be called "professional."
I think his point was to see how the Rooks would deal with the pressure of a game where there were no veterans to pull the fat out of the fire. The preseason is a time to try things like this and put some pressure on your rookies. Hey if the youngsters step forward and win a game like that when the odds were stacked against them you have learned something about them and what they can do.

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