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09-22-2003, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Smail
That's why fans should urge both parties to start working together so that they come to an agreement during next summer.

Whenever there's a strike or a lock-out, I think the party that has the more to lose will bend first. This time around, it is clearly the players imo.
You hit it in the nailed, the fans concerned will be a strong indication on how long this negociation will lenght.

Baseball fans dictate the negotiations, when baseball owners felt that the fans were about the leave the sports for good if they were swept of another world series, they knew that they couldn't battle the way they would have wanted. MLBPA felt the same thing , if the fans leave the boat, less revenues for teams means less salaries for players.

Both sides played very political when they agreed, Selig called this agreement historical when in fact they didnt win the battle of getting a salary cap & having instead a luxury tax that as of august only the Yankees would paid something from it.

So you see FANS have a word but it depends how many americans will cover & manifest because we know in Canada that the fans will speak very loudly.

As for the players having more to lose then owners , I have to disagree big time. Sure many players will lose from 500K to 11M$ for that year but owners can go bankrupt without any activity for a full year. As for the 300M$ war chest, we dont know the truth to it , it's pure medias attentions as of today.

why I say this ? because there's some teams that were close to fold (see Sabres & Sens that we know of) & I dont see how they managed to put 10M$ (10M$ per 30 teams = 300M$) in a war chest when at some point they had problems to pay the players salaries & some other team that have probably hard time if it's true to pay some creditors.

Also Im not so sure about the owners altogether for ones & for all. I dont see the Leafs , Wings, Avalanches, Rangers & many others screaming about how it's unfair the CBA like it is.

I think that if a sharing revenues would have been placed , it would have already helped a few & maybe that wouldn't be enough but I dont see the owners that much solidified as they claim to be.

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