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09-21-2003, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Russian Fan
First of all, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ON THIS , the worst losers will be the FANS !!!

But let me play the Devil Advocate here :

''the players earn 75% of the total revenues''

This is OWNERS STATEMENT !!! NHLPA statement is that there are many things that the owners doesn't show on this such as parking revenues, food & beverage concessions.

Also, NHLPA defends figures that are shown to the public so they CAN'T LIE about it. What do the owners do ? They put a overall list that put them in their advantages.

''Their collective losses last year were $300M''


except putting figures to impress medias & most of all, FANS !!! they never showed the books to anyone yet. Like I said earlier, many thing like on the Kings annual books showed to season ticket holder had some major flaws in it (report not by me but by some fans who knows how to evaluate a business report) to inflate the loss.
Well, numbers have been discussed and calculated by fans on the business forum. The players earn about $1.4B. From data that is available to fans, the revenues would be about $1.9B, which is what the league claim it is. On that number, the league uses about $100M to operate (includes paying referees) and the NHLPA receives a nice ammount (merchandise sales goes in majority to the league and the NHLPA). Team operations (farm teams, management, scouting, travel fees, etc) account for about $20M/year. This is a total of $600M for all 30 teams. What does this make as a whole? $1.4B salaries + $600M for operations = $2B. Take off say $150M for the NHL and NHLPA and this make $2B - $1.75B revenues = $250M losses... Not to far from the NHL owner claims are we?

About opening the books... Well let's just say that no company will open their books to the public. Even if they're claiming bankruptcy under federal laws, they won't make their books public. Shareholder companies won't give you any insightful details either in their published books (otherwise the AOL, Enron and Worldcom of this world wouldn't get away with what they did as soon as someone would look up the books).

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