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11-24-2009, 06:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Loui don't have the qualitys this version of Tre Kronor needs -- IMHO.

We have a few offensive threats on our national team. Zetteberg. Forsberg. Alfredsson. The Sedins. Bäckström. Thats 5 players who can get something done offensively.

In the Olympics we will play extremely loaded teams.

Due to that, in order for Sweden, us, to be successful at that level we need to be able to play Swedish hockey -- a puck possession game.

Loui Eriksson don't contributes to that. Did you see Forsberg's play in the Karjala tournament? He will need a lot of support if he faces a line of like Morrow-M Richarads-Doan, or Nash-Crosby-Iginla, or Kovalchuk-Malkin-Frolov, or AO-Feds-Semin.

We can't just pick a "All-Star team" and expect a line of a 36 y/o Forsberg, a 37-38 y/o Alfredsson and a fishing Loui Eriksson to dominate against teams/lines/players like that.

I don't get how so few can realize that in Sweden. Over the years we have had success when our national team coach realizes that. When we have Jörgen Jönsson on our best of the best team. When we have Turbo Svensson as our offensive midfielder. We made a EC because some braindead soccer coach -- or he was braindead according to just about every fan and reporter -- put Johan Mjällby as our offensive midfielder. It was the same when someone played Klabbe over Limpar in a WCH's 15 years ago. Hardy had a bunch of selections like that. BÅG went with Ronnie Sundin just 3 years ago. Still everyone always wants the "All-Star selections"....

Sure Johan Davidsson is easily seperated from the puck. Sure, he won't dominate in the Olympics. But what options do we have? Richard Wallin? Joel Lundqvist? Or do anyone really belive that a line of Weinhandl-Forsberg-Loui E would win matchups against the best of the best in the Olympics? Davidson covers a ton of ice. He gets the puck up ice. He is smart. He is experienced. He works really really hard.
The option to Davidsson would be Loui Eriksson.

I agree with what you're saying about team > players and playing a puck possession game, but let's not stare blindly at player ages. Alfredsson is still one of the best two-way players in the league and Loui works hard and backchecks quite a bit while being a goal threat and a great skater. We have too few goal scorers as it is. He had a decent, not great WC. He certainly wasn't bad enough to have played himself off the Tre Kronor Olympics team. And it's a pretty small sample size. I value NHL track record higher.
Forsberg feels so so at center at this point, but I don't really see any alternative and if he does play center I'd like to see him play with two hard working forwards.
And btw Alfie, while taking this 3rd line role as you put it, still put up most points on the team by quite some distance (5+5 pts in 8). For Detroit, Zetterberg always "takes one step back" in the playoffs and is matched against opposing teams stars, yet manages to produce offensively as well.

And even if we don't have as many stars as Russia or Canada, our hockey team is worlds better than the football team so I don't think it's a fair comparison. In my opinion we have 5 of the 20 best forwards in the game, a legendary d-man and a very competent defence overall and one of the top 3 goalies in the world. In football we have Zlatan and pretty much a bunch of plugs.
And speaking of the tactical masterstroke of putting Mjällby behind the strikers in the midfield diamond.. Sure they made the Euros that time, but how did that team look in the big tournament? But yeah, we had a horrible team back then and we're speaking hockey here..

Essentially, what I don't get is why you would feel more comfortable having Davidsson play against a line like Morrow-Richards-Doan than Eriksson. He's a much better fit on small ice than Davidsson. Davidsson is a star player in the SEL and has played in the NHL that's true, but he was a flop sadly. Why? Because he's too soft. And you want to play him in a small ice olympics tournament? I just don't understand that. He's not the Klabbe Ingesson to Loui's Limpar. You make Loui sound like some passive cherry picker which is far from how I see him (which is more like a younger, a bit inferior Alfie).

I very much agree though that we are short on centers, but also top quality grinders/Olympic fourth liners. I wish we had at least one "luxury grinder" like a Doan. Hopefully prospects like Landeskog and Klingberg pan out so that we will have a bit more of a NA flavour to the team in the future.

Påhlsson might not be as great as he was when Anaheim won the cup, but he's the best shut down 4th liner we've got imo. He's very good at faceoffs and should be a lock as a fourth line center. Wallin has been underwhelming for Toronto. He doesn't seem to do anything better than average at this level. Holmström works hard and is good in the corners (and would be great to have on the PP) but is a very bad skater. Sjöström who's incredibly fast and a quality PK:er should be a lock imo.

Ideally, at this moment my team would be:

Zetterberg-Bäckström-please please please be healthy Franzén
Sedin-Sedin-Samuelsson/Weinhandl The Sedin show+someone that has played and worked well with them before


Might be a bit early for Hjalmarsson, but I've been very very impressed with him. Hedman might be gassed by the time of the Olympics as he's playing ridiculously much in his first NHL season. Oduya is injured and had a bad start to the season, but might be a candidate. Grossman? Maybe. I've heard (only seen one BUF game) that Tallinder has started the season well playing with Myers, but I'm not a huge fan. Strålman? Too much of a liability. Same goes for Edler.

Yikes, that's a huge post. Sorry about that.

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