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09-22-2003, 02:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Saku K.
What I posted a month an a half ago.

And we get Holmqvist.

Homlqvist is a RD and Van Hoof a LD, I think both spots are guarentee on the Hamilton roster since 4 spots were given to Bolts players though Van Hoof will probably play as the team's 7th defenseman.

We now have:

Archer- RD
Homlqvist - RD
Shasby - LD
Van Hoof - LD
Plante - LD
Beauchemin - LD
Bouillon - LD
One of Traverse, Dykhuis or Hainsey - LD

I would like to see Macllelan signed and back to PEI.

Someone will have to go to the ECHL. No, not Traverse.

Beauchemin, Bouillon, Homlqvist, Van Hoof and one of Traverse/Hainsey/Dykhuis are locks. I hope the waiver draft can help us get rid of one of Dykhuis or Traverse though.

Two spots are left for two of Archer, Shasby, Plante. Phil Plante is an insurance policy and was signed by Hamilton but it doesn't mean he has a guarenteed spot. Jarvis will make sure the best players are on the ice. If Archer is not good enough, even if he is a RD, he will be sent down to the ECHL and I can't see Shasby not playing in the AHL, I think the Habs offered him a contract because they saw something in Matt and I think he will make the starting roster. It will be a fight between Archer and Plante IMO and PLante has the edge because he already played in the AHL but it will be interesting to see how it ends up.

Right now the habs also have too many D. They will send down a few. Why do you assume that Beauchemin and Bouillon won't make the habs? Also why do you say we will only send down one of Traverse Hainsey and Dykuis? You are expecting the team to carry 2 extra D and 1 extra forward? I also think that he habs are in a tough situation with Komi. He is a RD and we already have 3 Vets. We've tried moving Q over before. I don't know if we want a RD on the left side.

I'll probably get blasted but I dont think it would be the worst thing in the world if Komi starts the year in Hamilton until we resolve our RD situation. He has had a taste and has some things to work on.

I could also see Beachemin beating out Traverse and Dykuis for the 6th or 7th D spot.

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