Thread: Confirmed with Link: Briere suspended 2 games per Darren Dreger
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11-24-2009, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by claude boivin lives View Post
My point here is that you can't tell from that youtube vid whether that's true or not. He may very well have done those things, but you can't tell that for sure from that video. Like I said, if there's another angle showing it, then that's fine, but that vid is in no way damning evidence.

And even the still just can't tell with something like that. You could take stills of tons and tons of clean hits to make them look dirty. That still could be the moment he jumped off the ice, right as he crosschecked him up high. Or, it could be the moment right after he made impact with a clean hit, and was jolted into the air as a result. The momentum of his arms and stick could be coming up and away from Hannan's body there.

Again, my only point here is that the evidence in this thread so far isn't enough to tell anything for sure. If you have better video, please post it.
There actually was another angle from the Avalanche feed where you could see him leave his feet as well as get the shaft of the stick right into Hannan's throat. The thing is, Hannan wasn't even looking in his direction since he had just shot at the net, and the hit was almost two seconds late. I was expecting a longer suspension from it since it's pretty unsportsmanlike to retaliate on a goal scorer like that, especially with a hit that could turn out to be quite dangerous.

I'm surprised that a penalty wasn't called during play though, but I suspect the hit was missed by the refs since a goal had just been scored, that's probably where their attention was.

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