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09-22-2003, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by IceDragoon
Last night was not just "rest most of the regulars" or "get the young guys in a game before we cut them". MacT and co were counting on them to lose BIG TIME to see how well the young guys handle adversity with intense pressure. Would they suck it up or crumble?
Interesting angle. I never really thought about it that way. At first glance, it sounds plausible, but I have doubts. My first thought, upon seeing the lineup, was "great, prime minutes for the fringe players, good idea".

While I believe every player on the ice (and every coach) was wanting to win, I would think that each player was more interested in showing the coach what they could do, and try to do whatever they could to stick with the club. Thus, each shift they were (or should have been) motivated to do their thing, even if losing 10-0. So, for instance, when losing 4-0, a guy like Chad Hinz might have been thinking "OK, another great chance, I'm gonna go out and show MacT why I should be here" instead of looking at the scoreboard and thinking "this is useless, I'll save my energy for next game when we have a chance".

Other thoughts as I saw the lines:
  1. Moreau-Horcoff-Hemsky. Moreau will drop with anyone coming near Hemsky. Good call. Horcoff/Hemsky given another try...MacT's interested in putting together a 2nd line from these two?
  2. Chimera-Stoll-Pisani. Checking line of the future? Or Bulldog redux?
  3. Rita-Hinz-Wright. WTF?
  4. Torres-Hunter-Laraque. Good, Laraque's there. Still worried about Hemsky.
  5. Henley, Staios, Allen, Thompson, Bergeron, Ferguson: we're going to lose.

I would venture a guess that everyone got more than a few shifts on the ice with Iginla, Conroy and McAmmond.
Judging from the shift chart, Its close. It looks like he put Horcoff's line more often than against Iginla in the first period and tried the Rita line against him in the 2nd (with disasterous results). The Stoll line got matched up at least once in the 3rd (again, disasterous results).

Moreau and Staios were the veteran, character stalwarts (to a lesser degree, BG and Fergie), out there to maintain a "steady hand" and lead by example.
Moreau, Ferguson, and Laraque are all willing fighters. I think Ferguson had only 4 fewer fights than Laraque last year. If you ask me, it looks like MacT was trying to ensure it would be a calm affair for the small guys. Laraque barely saw the ice in the 3rd period: its pretty hard to lead by example from the bench.

A friend of mine went to the game and he told me that MacT did a lot of smiling during and after the game. I think he got exactly what he was looking for.
Maybe its just me, but he frequently seems to smile when the rough stuff gets going.

That was a pathetically inexperienced lineup. When Moreau, Horcoff, and Laraque are your only forewards with significant

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