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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I am trying to picture this visually ... I shoot lefty. Are you shooting on the off-wing or your natural wing for your righty shot?

It sounds like you are turning on your shot too soon to me if you are on the off-wing ... the secret to a good one timer is staying back on your hind leg as long as possible which if done properly prevents this.

Do you feel like your weight is on your front foot when one timing?

One thing that most people do not know how to do is to make a good pass to someone to onetime it to begin with. Almost always they make a pass too far to one's front foot forcing the guy to drift into the pass and making a more difficult shot.

Maybe you are getting passes in the wrong place. They should be in the middle of your feet but preferably closer to the rear foot so you can uncoil using leg drive.

Your stick should followthrough when you shoot to be pointed at the goal which means if you look down your shaft after your shot and see off to the side of the goal you will not hit the goal with your shot. And yes you should be low enough after your shot to actually look down your shaft after the shot at the goal.

The puck is following your followthrough because it has to. I'm serious, you should be able to look down your stick shaft at eye level after your shot and be able to see into the net past your blade.

I'm good at onetimers BUT I spend so much time concentrating on the shot so I rarely "aim" it. I pick a general quarter section of the goal usually on the near side for obvious reasons like the goalie isn't there yet which is what the onetimer is designed for anyway. You want to catch the goalie moving so total accuracy isn't as important unless you are a pro or something becasue those goalies are like "there".

I shoot best on my off wing too by the way which is an easier shot for the onetimer for me. It may be different for you and I am still not sure if you are shooting righty on the right side or shooting righty on the left side. I can shoot across my body on the left side as a lefty but it is a hard shot to make and you have to have a great pass which rarely happens with the guys I play with anyway.

I doubt this has helped you but it is the best way I can describe it. I'm no pro and miss the net with the best of them but I do have good success with this shot and am decent at it. They are getting harder to do after 40 years old though I must admit. The brain can still do it but the body doesn't listen.
No, that helps. I can't say that I ever really get ideal passes though so that could be a big thing. I am righty and it would usually be when I am coming down the left wing side.

Yeah, I don't get the passes for a one timer if I am on the right side.

I think that I need to work on my position as well so that I can adjust forward and back in order to make the pass work better.

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