Thread: Confirmed with Link: Briere suspended 2 games per Darren Dreger
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11-25-2009, 09:48 AM
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Originally Posted by ilovetheflyers8 View Post
The fact is he jumped on the check and cross checked the Av in the neck, and the Av did not return for the rest of the game.
I'm well aware. Notice where I said he got suspended and that it was appropriate for that to happen?

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
You're making Briere out to be way more innocent than he is...Briere is a chippy S.O.B. and he likes to use his stick. I wouldn't go so far as to call Briere "dirty" -- he's no Clarke -- but it isn't like we don't see him act out with his stick/elbows on a regular basis when he's disgruntled or whatever.
I don't see myself making him out to be an angel anywhere in that post. I realized long ago that Briere gets his stick in places it shouldn't be. I'm merely trying to dispel the belief of some that Briere had some sort of sinister plan to take out a guy who had scored a goal. He wanted to hit the guy coming across the middle. With Briere that sometimes includes a stick coming up high and this time it got out of control. Dirty? Yes. Suspension worthy? Yes. Cold hearted killer? Please.

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