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11-25-2009, 10:40 AM
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Discussion on Tiering in youth hockey

Just thought I would start a thread on Tiering youth hockey vs not.
In my region/association different youth levels of hockey are not tiered.
For instance we have Novice age 7/8 and atom age kids 9/10 all being lumped together in house league format for the age group. Now our league consists of one larger center and 4 or 5 smaller centers. Some of the smaller centers do not have enough kids to tier or make an A and a B team.
However, the larger center is able to house 5 teams in Novice and 4 in Atom. For these age groups there are some elite/further developed kids mixed in with some beginning players and of course the ones in between.
Basically each team of 11 kids has 2 or 3 high end kids. So, what we are seeing is these high end kids scoring 9 out of 10 goals and controlling the puck 95% of the time. THere is no maximum goals allowed per player so it is score at will.
I personally believe that tiering or age advancing would be a good thing for all kids involved. The higher end kids would then be challenged and the lower end kids would be involved. Plus some of the smaller centers might actually be able to compete. (some small centers can right now but not all of them)
However, the association voted against tiering because alot of parents felt that it would be to hard on their child to not make the higher end team. (that is just one of the reasons given but it is the main one)
Basically we are trying to force equality for everyone and yet it is just hurting kids development rather than helping imo.

What are your thoughts.

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