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Originally Posted by OCanada View Post
Sorry, I should clarify a bit. If they were to tier there would be a league for the higher end team to play in and the other 4 teams would be considered house league.
There would only be enough kids for 1 team so it would have to join an existing league.

I can see both points of view, a kid can only develop so much in house, but a "rep" team is big bucks. But if they are only averaging 15 "high" end kids, thats not enough, imo, to keep a "rep" team going. Not enough competition to make the team

Keep in mind that some of these kids that are great in house might not do much in a higher level. House league can kind of give off an illusion that a kid is better then what they actually are. Its not that uncommon for a kid who is average or even below average to look stellar against some of the kids that play house (ie just starting, some kids just cant pick hockey up etc etc).

Someone with a tiered background would have to come in and judge if the level of play is there to even have a "rep" team. If it then why not? if it isnt then there really is no point in having anything other then house for the time being.

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