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12-14-2004, 10:31 PM
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The Rangers Organization stinks. Every body including Rangers fans(knowledeable) know that. That is obvious. The Devils are a great organization. Everone know s that, including Rangers abd Isles, and Philly fans. This is not about that. If you read my post, Isaid the Isles screwed up with Yashin, but keep in mind they had a below payroll for 12 years. They are not on the Rangers level in terms of salary structure. Don't blame the Isles. They have other problems, like making a profit. The Rangers on the other hand not only contributed this mess. They led the charge. and now they have an organization filled with hole, and career minor leaguers, etc. All of thier buying led to ONE stanley Cup, which lasted for a NY minute(so to speak)
How can you realistically put down the Devils. They are a organization that should be the standard in the NHL. The Rangers are not close to that and we all know it. Detrit, Dallas, Toronto, etc are not much better.......we are paying the price cause of theams like the NY Rangers. And now I hope the players sqeal and take it hard. Cause this is lasting Two years. the NHL and there .08 ratings can take it up there as*'s......They created this mess. Messier 5 mil per

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