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11-25-2009, 05:20 PM
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Sorry, I know it was listed as such on my roster page, but could Andreychuk and Lonsberry be switched up? And my PP/PK units are as follows:





Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
First impression: what could have been a strength for Winnipeg in most series, goaltending, is not a strength in this series. I'd take Dryden over Brodeur and I'm not alone. I realize many would also take Brodeur. Either way it's close, and not the advantage that VCL probably hoped for heading into the playoffs.
You're absolutely right. I took a goalie to have an advantage over everyone in my division, and Portland was the only team that has a comparable goalie. of course, I play Portland. I'm never taking Marty Brodeur again. In anything. The guy just haunts me in everything. Anyways...

Offence from the blueline. Winnipeg's offence relies on great breakout passing (Pronger and Bouchard.) But Winnipeg lacks the type of player that can make it work. You need fast snipers to carry the momentum, only Kovalchuk provides that.
Michael Bossy doesn't count as a "fast sniper" to you?

There's a reason his success has lessened after Stevens retired. Brodeur can be agitated off his game.
Hmm, so when you remove a HHOF defenseman from a lineup, a goalie isn't supposed to have his performance decline. Not to mention, the physicality Pronger-Bouchard bring should be just fine.

Honestly, I don't have very much to say here. I think the key factor here for me is that obviously Bossy is the best offensive player in the series. Goaltending, for the sake of convenience (so as not to argue in circles as GBC would say), I'm going to call a wash. Nalyd, I believe we actually went over this earlier on in the draft, and I think we came to some what of an agreement there too.

Federko was a steal where you got him, and Cleghorn is a decent second liner. However, Thompson is really the only non-questionable second liner. The first line is great, and you have other guys like Henry in the lineup that can provide offense, but nothing really like Kovalchuk-Savard-Hedberg. Also, I think I have one of the better shutdown lines with Lonsberry-Backstrom-Nystrom. I was extremely glad I got Backstrom, who IMO is right up there with the Carbonneau's of the world for best third line centers.

On defense, yes, I gotta admit, that's a nice third pairing. This is the third straight draft I've wanted Vadnais and just barely missed out on him. The perfect 5th defenseman IMO. However, I've got questions about your second pairing. I think I have a advantage there too.

Overall, I think if I'm to make a upset in this series, it'll be because of my better depth. And while it'll be tough, I think it can be done.

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