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11-25-2009, 06:59 PM
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Zamboni, good luck in the series. Two great teams. Too bad one of us has to lose.

When I first looked at your team, I was not impressed but the more I studied it, the more my appreciation grew. You have a lot of early era players. I usually have the oldest era team in this ATD matchups but certainly not this time. I had to do a little research on some of your players & came away quite impressed.

I still think I have the edge though. A few brief comments.

First Line

I think I have the definite edge here. Beliveau is definitely the best player on either line and is a far better centre than Stewart. Noble is good but Olmstead is better on LW. Lafleur is better on RW but it is not a big gap. I am somewhat uneasy about the chemistry of your first line wheras mine is pretty good. Olmstead & Beliveau had their best years playing together. All 3 of my guys were great passers and Beliveau & Bathgate were great goal scorers.

Second line

A bit of a tossup. My line has incredible speed & skill. You have a great 2 way centre in Lemaire and a couple of good scoring wingers.

third line

IMO, my third line is one of the best 2 way lines in the draft and could be employed as a great checking line. Your third line looks like another scoring line that may not be that good defensively.

Fourth line

Big fan of your centre. Skov was a decent scorer early in his career & a great defensive player throughout his career. Stanfield is a good centre also & a great PP pont man. We both have decent 2 way wingers.


We both have a great top 4. Top pairing is equal but I think my second pairing is a little stronger. I say this even though I really like Colville & St.laurent

You have an slight edge here with Broda who was reknowned for his playoff performances. Lumley though is incredibily under-rated. Won an early cup but spent most of the rest of his career playing on terrible teams. Still made a couple of 1st AS teams though.

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