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09-22-2003, 04:42 AM
True Blue
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Don't know of any positives to say other than the fact that we are talking about preseason games here. Yeah, 9-1 is pretty awful looking, HOWEVER it MUST be taken into account that 3 games in 3 nights is pretty bad. And when you dress Bobo & Dale as the top 2 defensemen, you're bound to let in a few (quite a few by the looks of things).
The negative sides are prentifull. First of all, 3 games in 3 nights? Wouldn't actuall practice be a little more usefull than ramming in 3 games in 3 effin' nights? Yeah, you have to play every game and it was pretty alarming that some of the regs that were in the lineup were not particularly interested in playing. However, to open w/ 3 games in 3 nights is assinine. What is even more moronic is the fact that they had to actaully travel by plane from Dallas to Detrot to Minnesotta. It's not like these things were close by each other. How could Jackass think it beneficial as opposed to actually practicing?
Next alarming note. Is it just me or does it scare anyone else how Messier is being used in preseason? I mean it's only preseason, but it seems that he is out in EVERY special team situation and is getting time not alloted to "just" a 4th liner. I have a bad feeling that no matter the situation, Jackass is going to continue to somehow ram Messier into the top lines and into situations that he is no longer suited for. Somehow, Jurrasic Mark's ice time is going to be between 15 & 18 minutes a night. BTW, does anyone actually know what Messier's contract size is yet?
Next alarming note. How about a little discipline? For the love of God, didn't they learn last year that playing a full period down a man is NOT the way to try to win a game?
Again, it is just preseason, so can't get too crazy here, however Sather's apparent indifferent attitude towards PRACTICE is frightening. The fact that he apparently continues to use Messier like an important player is alarming. The fact that after last year, he still will not hold veterans responsible for their own actions is scary also. Until he starts to bench veteran players for undisciplined play, nothing will change.

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