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12-15-2004, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by malberti
These big market owner just could not control themselves. Hockey makes little money and the Detroits, NYR', Dallas', St Louis', Toronto's have runined this league. They took it too far. And some of those teams even had embarrasing results. I mean at the trading deadline's and in the summer these teams just bought free agents and offered Ludacrious amonts of money. Thus raising every players salary. I remember how overpaid Graves, Messier(2nd time), Holik, and the rest were. Detroit bought a cup. St louis and Toronto never made it, Dallas bought most players, etc

and the players benefited......all of them.....while the small market teams wasted their time and energy trying to sell a system to their fans, etc. Well, NOW THE PARTY IS OVER. The owners will let this lockout go on till they get what they want. CONTROL OVER THEMSELVES AND THEIR GREED. And why not? They take the risk. The players have been overpaid for years. This is not baseball. There are no ratings for hockey. Even the big market Rangers TV Ratings stink! Small market teams like the Isles also then contributed to this joke of a league. Signing Yashin to 10 years 90 million(cause their pathetic ways drew every player away from that franchise) they had to act desperate and try to act like a big market team.

Its poetic justice though. The Rangers started this crap. And now look at them. They might be the worse franchise in sports. They are what you want "NOT TO BE". "This one will last a lifetime" lasted until the strike of 1995. And then they started to embarrass themselves, by being pathetic at building a team. They bought EDM players, won a cup, and then became a laughing stock. Brought down an entire league, and now they are the epitome of of the NHL. Congrats!
And the Isles had nothing to do with this? Yashin is not only the worst contract in the game it is the worst RFA contract ever with unprecidented money and length. All for a guy who sat out because the Senators (who you laud) were not paying him enough. But sure enough, here come the Islanders who give him an outrageous contract (not to mention what they sent back to the Sens).

Have the Rangers added to the problem? Of course but really who hasn't?

Phoenix signing Amonte, then realizing they can't afford him and dealing him away as soon as they could?

Florida giving Pavel Bure 10M a season?

Washington giving Jagr 12M?

The Canes signing Federov to an offer sheet that they knew would add at least 3M to his contract should the Wings match it.

Even the Devils could have kept Holik for 5M per but didn't and wound up bidding as high as 8M per.

So turn the page, we've all seen this one before and look at what your team has done to put things where they are now.

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