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11-25-2009, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by OCanada View Post
I hear you but the association will not allow players to move up or give them a release to play double A. they say its a numbers thing, I say its a power thing and lets hold this kid back so as to not make him look better than another. These kids excel in AAA spring as it is so I know they are high end and I agree they stand out stupidly in house but even still they are not trying hard because they don't have to. In my opinion the association should get with things and tier their players like other associations do but there are too many bleeding heart parents that think it will make their little Johnny look inferior. I guess they don't watch the same games we do......all they see is puck hogs lol.

I have never heard of a kid needing a "release" to play at a higher level. Is it through Hockey Canada?

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