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12-15-2004, 08:19 AM
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CBA's like the one that just expired is what ruined the league. The owners want to make money. That's what they're in it for. Any owner telling you they bought a hockey team to give something back to the people is lying. It's a business venture. You want to blame the Rangers? Fine, go ahead. It's easier. But if you can put down your club, and stop dragging your knuckles for a minute, and look at the situation as whole, you'd see it for what it is: Fat cat businessmen trying to become wealthier by manipulating the system. The CBA allowed for such manipulation. The reality is that salaries increase. Without a ceiling and a set of guiding principles, they will continue to rise. If you want to blame the Rangers, then you have to be willing to blame any owner that has ever given a marquee player a king's ransom to play for their team. Do you honestly believe that without the Rangers, Detroit, Dallas, that salary averages would be significantly lower and the league would be in a better financial place? Absurd. The imbalance is within the league. Eliminate the rich teams and there would still be chaos. Instead of having free spending owners, you'd have half the league bankrupt and top players (the jagrs, bures, yashins) playing in Europe because the other half of the league couldn't afford to pay them. You'll forgive for saying that your posts seem like nothing more than an attempt to bash the Rangers without getting yourself kicked off the board.

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