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12-15-2004, 08:41 AM
True Blue
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner
i thought the media in canada hit bettman pretty hard.
I did not hear Goodenow's rebutals, but I heard Bettman's comments. What struck me as kind of funny was when he was asked point blank by several media members if what he was really saying that he needs a hard cap becuase there are GMs & owners that could not help themselves but offer up ridiculous contracts again. Bettman skirted around the answer by saying that it is not the GMs or owners faults, but rather a systematic problem. I would really love for someone to have had followed up by asking for him to explain these systematic problems.
The other thing that I found prepostorous was when he started to also blame the arbitration system. Am I wrong or didn't the NHLPA just include a revamping of the arbitration system to swing it squarely into the favor of the owners?
Tell you one thing, Bettman did not blink. He may not for several years. It is going to take the majority of the owners to do the blinking to get him to budge. Way he was talking, he is either prepared not to have an NHL for however long it takes (1 year....2 years...3 years...etc.) for the players to cave OR he truly thinks that a scab league is his ace in the hole as he truly believes that buildings will be full for scabs and the NHLPA collapses.
If you ask me, he is engaged in nothing more than union busting.

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