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12-15-2004, 09:00 AM
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It hurts doesn't guys. This has been a popular thread. salt in the wounds" ...look at the Rangers fans bashing the Isles payroll....the Isles have had a below avg payroll for 12 years in a row. in 1996 there payroll was 14.6 million....and then they dumped at the deadline. This has nothing to do with the ilses. They have Lost in this system. They have not been the problem. Teams like the Rangers went nuts in the early 90's w/ free agents. Not teams like the dvils , isles, sabres types. I mean you guys don't even make sense ........what?? the Rangers are not responsible for this mess?? All there overpayed players over the years. Keep bragging about Kovalev. You practically handed him to Montreal. Most overhyped Ranger of all time. He had maybe two good years....on PITT! hahahahaha

but we are getting off the subject. Why did the Ranger type teams have to overspend. and create a mess. I think mess makes 6 mil per year. He is terrible player now, a third line center(maybe 4th) on most teams. what do they have to show for all this. I'll tell ya. a LOCKOUT!

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