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11-26-2009, 01:02 AM
nik jr
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some thoughts

for this series, my lineup will be changed.

Bucyk - Apps - Ellis
Howe - Foyston - Recchi
Davidson - Carbonneau - Hossa
Balon - Lysiak - Maclean

Laperriere - Park
Seiling - Cameron
Johansson - Ludwig

seiling is a better skater than ludwig, so his speed will be better able to defend the counterattacks of the speedy renfrew F's, if and when cameron gets caught in the offensive zone.

hossa has played most of his career with mediocre C's, and, imo, plays about as well regardless of his C, so i don't think it is a significant problem. hossa also gives my 3rd line more scoring ability.

this allows certain match-ups i want:

ellis vs kharlamov

in the '72 series, ellis played a key role in shutting down kharlamov. after ellis was assigned to shadow kharlamov, kharlamov only scored 1g. ellis has the defensive awareness, speed and physicality to defend kharlamov.

Originally Posted by Bobby Clarke
I think we won because (Ron) Ellis shut him down. I think Kharlamov only scored one goal after the second game. It wasn't like he was killing us. Everybody talks about (Paul) Henderson but not enough people realize Henderson doesn't even get those chances if it's not for Ellis' defensive play.

ellis will play as much as any of my RW's in this series. i don't think i will lose much scoring. ellis played in imlach's very rigid defensive system, but was one of the better goal scorers during his career.

goals from '65 (ellis' rookie season) to '75 (when ellis retired for 2 seasons)

gilbert: 306g (8th)
ellis: 276g (11th)

gilbert was in his prime during that whole period (age 23 to 33). gilbert had many more assists than ellis in that period, and was clearly a better offensive player, but the ellis can play on a scoring line.

if renfrew wants fedorov to check apps, ellis will also check kharlamov.

i will want my top pair and top line against renfrew's top line.

carbo vs crosby
carbo made his reputation shutting down the deepest field of great C's in history.

in the '08 and '09 finals, zetterberg shut down crosby. carbonneau is an even better defensive F than zetterberg, and is a better skater. crosby will not be able to outskate carbo. carbo was not a very physical player, but neither is zetterberg.

carbo is also a right handed shooter, which will make it easier to stick check the left shooting crosby.

making up the goalie gap

i tend to think hasek is the best goalie ever. he is a very large advantage for renfrew.

my team will have to limit renfrew's chances. some reasons why i think that is possible:

pat burns gave his teams strong team D. burns' teams had reduced shots against, reduced shot quailty against and better control of the neutral zone. renfrew is a fast team, so it is important to reduce their speed through the neutral zone.

i think my D corps is better, and most of my F's were defensively responsible.

part of burns defensive strategy was shot blocking. many of my players were noted shot blockers: ludwig, carbonneau, laperriere, seiling, park.

below the hash marks

to beat hasek, dirty goals are very important.

i think my team will be more effective on the cycle and around the net. bucyk, balon, maclean and recchi were all very effective in those areas, and my other F's are all willing to play in those hard areas.

bucyk is especially important on PP down low and around the net. he was one of the best garbage goal scorers in history. he was big and very hard to move, but also had great hands.

greater ability to cycle means more time in the offensive zone, less time in the defensive zone, and more PP's.

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