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11-26-2009, 03:47 AM
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I'm slightly more familiar with JR's work than that of other GMs, especially now that I'm living in Hurricanes country. He does seem to get a free pass for what most franchises would consider bonehead decisions. I think Hurricanes fail to see the insanity of the decision, but when Rangers fans, who have to routinely put up with Glen Sather (Author of the Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, Michal Rozsival, Wade Redden, and Donald Brashear contracts), comment that this was ridiculous, it might be time to reconsider the JR blinders. It's also weird to see so many people actually believing that no team had any legitimate interest in acquiring the rights to Babchuk. I can think of 3 teams in the Hurricanes own division who would have loved to get their hands on a guy like that. I like the hitting game, but it would have made more sense to grow Babchuk into a more physical defender who has that natural offensive ability and a booming shot.

As a Predators fan and having a man-crush on one, Shea Weber, I can't state enough to any Hurricane fan I meet how invaluable having a shot like that at the points is. Now, I don't think Babchuk would have been Shea Weber, only because I don't think Babchuk's defensive game is as good, but he is certainly a very viable offensive-defenseman. The Predators recognized how useful Shea Weber's shot is and used their first-round pick this year to draft Ryan Ellis, who is built after the same mold, that's how valuable those types of players are. I would even be willing to let JR off the hook ever so slightly if he'd have recognized his mistake and pursued Marc-Andre Bergeron... But as you said, instead he replaced Babchuk and Seidenberg with Aaron Ward/Andrew Alberts...

I might have to disagree on the Ward/Alberts combining for under 20 points this year, though. Alberts hasn't been as "cringe-worthy" lately, and I thought he was a pretty under-rated signing, and if his play continues to improve back to where it was with Philadelphia, he may even approach 20 points by himself. Ward, on the other hand, I can make no excuses for. Why on earth anyone thought it made sense to get rid of Eaves and a 4th to get Ward of all people is just baffling to me. If nothing else, the pick should have gone the other way, but I suppose that's a discussion for another time and place.

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