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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Regarding the bolded part, I would not say that is true. Your teams tend to avoid the "really old" players as much as they do the "really new" players. Your teams are never really old or new; they are very era-concentrated. Your youngest player is Al MacInnis (12 years younger than your next-youngest) and your oldest player is Bill Mosienko (5 years older than the next-oldest). 21 of your 23 starters were born within a 25-year period.

I'm not going to research every single roster but I think there are at least 10 teams with 5 players older than Mosienko. Your current opponent has 13 players older than him. (yes, you have acknowledged this)

This is in no way a criticism, but I just wanted to point out that there are definitely older teams.

Your first line may be the best in the draft. My only criticism is that Bathgate might be wasted. If I was fortunate enough to get Beliveau, Bathgate, and Olmstead on the same team I would get a bargain basement RW up there later, someone who does nothing but score, the kind of guy that has all his weaknesses taken care of by Bert and Jean. Like a Bondra or Mogilny. Bathgate would then be the focal point of an excellent second line. Playmaking wingers aren't exactly common. So basically, my complaint is that it's TOO good.

Walsh's LOH bio says he was good defensively (which was news to me) and they definitely don't just say that about every early HHOFer. Marshall was a rock-solid defenseman in the second half of his career - doesn't mean he was a great defensive forward but he was fast and physical so infer from that what you will.
For sure there are definitely older teams in this draft. I was referring more to previous drafts than I was to this one and I have been around since ATD #5. This strong trend toward "really old" players has increased only in the last 2 or 3 drafts. In my early drafts, I think my teams were underestimated because a lot of my players were from the 40-70 era and some guys really weren't knowledgeable about them at the time.

With regard to Bathgate on my first line, how can a line be too good? I have got two players on the same line who where both great playmakers & scorers. I think this line will really confound the opposition. When Bathgate & Beliveau have the puck they could shoot or they could pass. What will the opposition defence do--play the pass or the shot. Its not as if I don't have a great playmaker on the second line. Ulf Nilsson was one of the best ever.

Thanks for the info on Walsh & Marshall. Hard to get good info on these guys and I don't always have great confidence in the LOH site.

Hope Zamboni comes on to comment soon. He hasn't sighned in since 11/16.

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