Thread: Prospect Info: Babchuk dominating the KHL
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11-26-2009, 04:31 PM
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You just made the case that other teams ignored a possibility of making their teams better cheaply simply because JR undervalued Babchuk. That is quite possibly the most illogical assertion ive ever seen on this board. And Babchuk's 2 year/3 year deal worth is totally irrelevant to the Canes since Jr decided long ago they had no intention of signing Anton long term, thus the reason for the lowball 1 year offer since there was no reason to appease a player you aren't going to use beyond this season. Its a simple business decision. I also find it funny that JR gets blame for running down his value through the media but somehow Anton doesnt get any blame for running down his value by bolting to Russia once and threatening to do it again. And again for the 9 thousandth time......Babchuk gave his own arbitration rights away. This is at least a 50/50 blame scenario, but for some reason the Anton lovers and the Organization loyalists have decided reality isnt a world they want to live in.

This thread is old and tired.........again.

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