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Originally Posted by Erik Estrada View Post
There's degrees of being a Québécois.
-Ethnic Québécois that was born and raised in a majority French-speaking area of Quebec that played in QMJHL are the perfect Québécois.

-Non-Ethnic Québécois
-Ethnic but raised in a bilingual neighborhood
-Ethnic Québécois that played his hockey elsewhere
-French Canadian of another province.
-French speakers from Switzerland and France
are all imperfect versions to various degrees of the Real Québécois.

The only reason the imperfect Québécois are assimilated to the perfect Québécois is to bash the Habs to have drafted someone that doesn't even qualify as an imperfect Québécois (Eastern European, Minnesota kid, etc...). See for example Claude Giroux. Get with the times, bud...
Ohh boy!!! To me if you speak French in Canada you are French period. The Acadiens are just as French as the Quebecois. Franco-Ontarians that live just outside the Quebec borders speak the same if not as the French people in Quebec. The French people in Canada would actually have had more power if they stopped dividing themselves into nations that all speak French. The Quebecois are a nation, ok. The Acadiens are what??? Anglos??? This is a prime example of how the nationalistic Quebecois not only hate English but also their fellow French cousins that live outside Quebec. It's time this stuff ceases.

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