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11-26-2009, 06:48 PM
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My post had a mix of sarcasm revolving around how good Anton is, or isn't for that matter, in my opinion of course. You may have missed it. Some make Babchuk out to be so good, when in reality he doesn't offer to much other than his shot. Babchuk is not a good skater, amongst the worst defensively responsible defenceman we've ever had, is easily intimidated and knocked off the puck, could easily be beaten wide, he doesn't use his size or any physicality for that matter, he is as mentally fragile as an 8 year old, inconsistent, etc. But yes, he does have a great shot. I really don't think he's to special.

I'm not about to join the Anton Babchuk pissing contest. It's gone on to long. There is definitely two sides to the story.. a very long story in which I have no interest in getting involved in, in which carries respectable, valid points on each side. It is what it is. To each their own with Anton. Some like him, others don't. For me, I had never been a big Anton fan. Did he grow on me last season? of course, but the intangibles he brings and the game isn't 'my kind of guy' if you will. I love his shot and it can be a special ingredient from the blueline, but he just isn't good for much else. I don't consider him a top 4 defenceman, I don't think he ever will fit that mold and I'd rather a guy like Alberts for the bottom pairing. I could live with Babchuk as a bottom pairing defenceman who gets PP time, but i'm not to crazy about him.

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