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11-26-2009, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by BikeGiftingMan View Post
I looked at this an hour ago, decided I'd buy it 30 minutes ago, and it's sold out now. ****!
I'm usually not nuts about refurbs, but while I do have an iPod Touch 1g, it's only 8 GB, and the car adapter that I used with my 5g only sort of works with it, because Apple kept screwing around with their connector pins. I would've gotten a new car adapter, but ****, that would set me back close to $100 bucks.

If nothing else, I can at some point upgrade to a Zune HD and still use that car adapter. And I like how MS actually still offered updates for older Zunes when they released newer models, additionally I've been playing around with the Zune PC SW, and it's pretty nice.

newegg is probably happy, because they get to clear out some space in their warehouse.

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