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11-26-2009, 10:27 PM
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Bobby Ryan

I keep reading this guy may be available because he's looking for a payraise, dunno if there's any truth to it or if that's the reason he's available but would it be crazy to suggest a leaf-bruin-kessel type of proposal for a guy like that? obviously we'd have to shed salary but he's a goal scorer with a lot of upside and can be part of our core going forward.

Personally, if we can shed salary in forwards and keep andrei-plek-cam I'd probably do it and it's not that out of whack to consider it, everyone says he could be available. Only reason is cuz I believe this guy will be a star, 31 goals first year, on pace for 35 this year and he's 22.

This isn't by any means a "our team isn't good enough" type of thread, just saying, if you can have a shot at acquiring a young guy(with size) who can be a star you consider it, no?

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